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Oss 4-layer Shelf for Home

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Model No.HP22214

Supply Ability & Additional Information

Packagingone set per ctn . each pcs in poly bag .


Place of Originchina

Supply Ability60 days

Payment TypeL/C,T/T


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Package Type:
one set per ctn . each pcs in poly bag .

Oss 4-layer Shelf for Home


This is a classic material with a wealth of uses. No matter what kind of wood, it is durable, beautiful, renewable and recyclable. We are committed to using this raw material smartly and efficiently to avoid waste. We also invest in facilities and logistics to increase the amount of recycled wood used. In this way, each tree's resources are used more fully.


1. L*W*H:60×39.2×128CM
2. Made of sturdy and durable materials, the surface will be more durable and easy to care after oiling, waxing, painting or dyeing.2. Easy to disassemble and more durable and easy to care for
3. The storage series is powerful
4. Very durable, beautiful, and renewable and recyclable

Oss 4 Layer Shelf For Home

Our Preferred range includes:Coffee Table、 End Table 、 Round Side Table 、Double 4-layer Shelf、 Tv Stand 、 Wine Cabinet 、Bar Table、 Trolley 、 Wall-mounted Wine Rack 、3-layer、 Wall-mounted 3-layer Shelf 、Console Table、 Oss Desk 、 Storage Stool 、4-layer Shelf、Conjoined Desk、Double 3-layer Shelf etc ..

Preferred Series OssPreferred Series OssPreferred Series OssPreferred Series OssPreferred Series OssPreferred Series OssPreferred Series OssPreferred Series Oss

Preferred Series OSS:

The lines are decorated by Roman columns, match with the stylish wood edge, making Oss series has an extraordinary vision. They are combination with antique and modern style, will bring your house a fascinating aesthetic perception.The pure and fresh Euro-style offers a kind of quietly elegant to the household. You can relax and enjoy a ray of sunshine in this corner. At this moment you have been deeply infatuated with the design of Oss series, intoxicated in the space full of Floral Aromas.

Preferred Series OssPreferred Series OssPreferred Series Oss

Product Categories : Preferred Series > Preferred Series OSS

Company Overview

Lihua was found in 1986 by Mr. Ruikang Kuang and has become a leading carbon steel manufacturer of houseware & small furniture now. With more than 1200 employees, Household accessories and small furniture are our major products categories. We are strong at new product development with own design team, structure engineers, sample making team, in-house laboratory. With rich sub-supplier network and good supply chain management, we could supply products with various material such as metal, plastics, glass, wood, fabric, etc. Our products include: multifunctional storage rack, assembled coffee table, side table, computer table, desk, chair, dining table, 3-layer shelf, 4-layer shelf, 5-layer shelf, wall shelf, tissue tube, storage basket, carrying basket,laundry rack ,and so on .  With modern production equipments, Lihua is implementing lean production and ISO quality standards, comply with BSCI every year. Factories are located in Jiangmen City, appx one and a half hours from Guangzhou. You are warmly welcome to visit our factories and showroom. Looking forward to your cooperation.

furniture factory

board workshop

automatic powder coating line

automatic welding

laser welding

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HomeProductsPreferred SeriesPreferred Series OSSOss 4-layer Shelf for Home
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